Spring Cleansing

Spring cleaning involves many different ways for people to organize their lives. Not only do I think of cleaning my room during this time of fresh starts, but I also think about clearing out my mind too. Spring cleaning can mean anything from cutting ties with toxic relationships, to cleaning your house to create a more organized, productive space.  When you clean the unnecessary things out your life, it is like giving yourself a fresh start—which is exactly what spring entails. Our lives are constantly changing, and if we don’t focus on ourselves every once in a while we can feel emotionally drained. Not only does this mental spring cleaning help better my mindset, cleaning your room can also really help your mental focus. When my room is clean, I can be more focused on my work because I am not overwhelmed by the thought of a messy room. Organizing my room helps me to be more productive and motivated while I’m at home.


A synonym for spring is “to evolve.” Not only does this make sense because the seasons are changing (or, evolving),  but this is also a time for the entirety of the natural world to start again. Spring brings us new beginnings to evolve as people as we cut out the things in our life that are weighing us down.  Even though it is hard to keep motivation at the end of the school year, I highly recommend taking this time to organize your life in order to recenter your focus for the rest of the year.


Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

By Brenna Stefanov

Valentine’s Day is known as the special day to celebrate your significant other. Sometimes, however, you don’t have someone to share that day with. It’s perfectly fine to spend the day alone.  It is extremely important to love yourself and have body positivity towards yourself.  It is very easy to see other people and think about how you want to change something about yourself, but the truth is God made you individually because you’re perfect just the way you are.  Everyone has their insecurities; instead of trying to hide yours or let them affect how you view yourself, try to embrace what makes you special.

Besides taking the time to think about what makes you so great, you can also take this Valentine’s Day to have a “treat yo’self” night. Some things you could do include having a bath with that bath bomb from Lush or Ulta you’ve been saving forever, giving yourself a facial, eating chocolate or any food that you love (it is a treat yo’self night, after all), painting your nails, watching your favorite movie, or even going out with a group of your friends and making it a girls’ night.  

When it comes to face masks, I really enjoy making them from scratch. One great thing about making them yourself is that you can put whatever you want in it to help your skin specifically.  A common one I make consists of a couple of crushed Ibuprofens, raw honey, sugar and a little bit of water.  Ibuprofens help with redness and inflation; honey is a really great, natural complexion corrector for your skin; sugar exfoliates your skin; and water binds it together so it is easier to put on your face.  For another great homemade mask, get one giant aloe leaf (you can find them at Kroger), slice it, and rub 


the aloe on your skin.  Aloe is so good for your skin and its use has actually been date back 60,000 years ago in Egypt where it was called the “plant of eternity.” There are so many other ideas on the internet for easy face masks using ingredients you can probably find in your own homes.  

At the end of the day just remember that even though this is a holiday to celebrate love, that doesn’t necessarily mean celebrating your love for another person.  It can mean celebrating love for yourself.  Just remember to keep this day positive and carry its meaning into your everyday life.  Remind yourself every once in a while to have a “treat yo’self” day because you deserve it.  

Also Valentine’s chocolate goes on sale after the holiday, so you could even make this “treat yo’self” day and “treat yo’self” weekend.

My Thanksgiving- A Photo Blogpost

by Brenna Stefanov

Day 1

day 1

On Monday November 20th, my mom and I got on a plane at 9 a.m. and flew all the way to Billings, Montana. I was very excited about this trip because I got to spend time with my grandparents, whom I don’t get to see as often as I’d like.  When we landed in Montana, my grandfather picked up me and my mom. We went to a cute little sandwich shop and bakery, Great Harvest Bread Co., and ate lunch.  After eating a delicious turkey pesto sandwich, we went home and started to unwind and relax.

day 2

Day 2

We got up to see it had snowed  a little bit, what grandfather called a dusting,  but it definitely made the mountains look more stunning while driving to Columbus, Montana for the day.  When we arrived at this small town, we stopped by a cute little jewelers and found my senior ring. Afterwards, we went to Uncle Sam’s Eatery, which is yet another sandwich shop, but this place has named its sandwiches after American presidents.  I had a James Madison or a BLT.  When we arrived back home we just talked and worked on a puzzle before making dinner.

day 3

Day 3

It was a chill day where we stayed home, watched movies, and finished the puzzle later that night.

day 4Day 4 

This was the first thanksgiving were I didn’t eat turkey.  Instead we had “Million Dollar Spaghetti,” a spaghetti casserole, which didn’t even have turkey in it, but was still amazing.  That night we all sat on a couch and watched Hallmark Channel movies.  


day 5

Day 5

On Black Friday we ended up at the movie theater and watched The Star, a very cute animated movie which I highly recommend.  After the movie we got home and ate a turkey dinner.  At last.

Day 6day 6

This was my last day in Billings.  We started the day by making a family cookie recipe called “Auntie Em’s.” While we baked we played Christmas music and enjoyed the company of family.  After the cookies we went to see The Nutcracker ballet, one of my favorite seasonal occasions.   Unfortunately,  after the ballet we had to go home and pack.  Ending a vacation is always hard because you never quite want to leave, but at the same time you can’t wait to get home.  It was bittersweet.  We said our goodbyes and got on the plane. We finally arrived back home Sunday the 26 at about 3 am.


 Thanksgiving break didn’t feel long enough, but sometimes it’s good to come home and get back into the regular schedule of life. I’m very thankful that I got to take the time to fly out and see my family.  Overall, Thanksgiving was a successful trip of relaxation and visiting loved ones which is what the holidays are all about to me.

Festive Eats & Treats

By Brenna Stefanov & Emily Angyal

Thanksgiving Break is now over, but every Mount girl knows that the next thing to look forward to is Christmas Break. In anticipation for the Christmas season, we have come back try more holiday themed treats.

First, we made simple, no-bake peppermint oreo truffles. They were so simple to make and they ended up tasting great.


All it takes is crushing the oreos, mixing them with the cream cheese and peppermint extract, and then rolling them into balls and dipping them in white chocolate. For more details on how to make them, click here: https://www.twotwentyone.net/peppermint-oreo-truffles/

While they were setting in the fridge, we decided to make a holiday-themed drink to go with it. it took a few minutes, but we were able to whip out a batch of Sparkling Cranberry Cider. The inspiration for the drink is here https://life-in-the-lofthouse.com/sparkling-cranberry-cider/ .


However, we ended up switching up the ingredients and amounts based up our personal preferences.

Both recipes were super easy and ended up tasting great! They’re perfect for a Christmas themed potluck, family dinner, or to reward your homeroom for when they bring in their Robinhood can goals. They’re both easy, but impressive recipes that anyone can create.

Fall Treats: from Pin to Plate

By: Brenna Stefanov and Emily Angyal

It’s finally October, which means all things spooky and Halloween.  Normally we just pin autumn recipes, crafts, and fashion to our specified Pinterest boards and promise ourselves that we will use them sometime. This year, we decided to actually go back and try some of the hundreds of pinned fall recipes. 

We chose two simple recipes that seemed perfect for any Halloween party: pumpkin cheesecake truffle mummies and a sparkling apple punch to go along with our mummy treats. Although these were a ton of fun to make, the mummy truffles took a little longer than we expected, so they aren’t exactly a last minute treat to make.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

One thing that surprised us about both recipes was how inexpensive they were; partially because we already had half of the items in our own kitchens. Normally, when you see things on Pinterest, you always assume that they are super expensive and complicated to make.  However, these recipes consisted of  just a few simple steps. There are also so many things you can do with each recipe to make them more to your liking and add your own flare.

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset

It was a ton of fun to finally create our own Pinterest-inspired treats. If there is something you have always wanted to make, go for it! You won’t regret it.  Here’s how our creations turned out:

If you decide to recreate these delicious treats, click the link to the recipes below:

Behind the Balance

By Brenna Stefanov, junior writer

My favorite snack consists of Laughing Cow cheese and Hot Cheetos.
One cheese wedge equals one small bowl of hot Cheetos perfectly and creates the perfect combination of flavors.  

One very, very, late night in July, I was sick and feeling down. So of course, I decided to indulge in my favorite snack.  As I went to get the cheese I noticed there were none left, but found that I still had one-third of a bag of Cheetos.  Now, my mother knows that I hold claim to this certain kind of cheese and it is only to go with the hot Cheetos: that left only one other person who could have disrupted the balance… my sister, Mariah.  I stormed up to my mom’s room and proceeded to rant about how Mariah was a traitor, and had ruined my life. Without the cheese, I didn’t know how many cheetos I needed.  This went on for a good 30 minutes.  

Mariah had ruined the perfect balance which I had created.

There is balance behind everything and everyone.  However, more often than not we find that this balance is constantly getting disrupted. This example of balance, using my favorite snack, was just a small one in the grand scheme of things.  There are larger, more existential examples: when someone dies, we know that, somewhere in the world, there’s also a baby being born.  There’s also a balance in day-to-day things, like doing your homework. Freshmen year I would put homework off until the very last second; I learned that it was so much more stressful in the long run, though, than when I would do my homework in a timely fashion (instead of just watching Netflix like I wanted to).

It’s important to find balance in your daily life. Without it, you’d find yourself in a state of chaos. Though that’s how you may feel sometimes, it doesn’t mean balance is gone.  So remember: if you’re going through a really hard time, balance will always find you and reward you.  Balance comes to everyone at different times, so don’t fret – it will find you one day.  And just so you know, my mom went out the next morning and got two packages of Laughing Cow Cheese: one for me and one for my sister.