Dog Date Ideas

By Allison Toomer

  1. There are beautiful dog parks, such as Hot Springs Bark Park, places to treat your canine companions, such as Hounds Lounge Pet Resort and Spa, or nature trails like the ones at Pinnacle Mountain Park if you want to get some exercise while exploring the outdoors with your pet.

The Best Dog Parks

  1. Paws Park at Murray is a fenced, off-leash park for you and your pet to run around and meet other dogs.
  2. Burns Park Dog Park is also a great open area for your dog that has tubs of water and sprinklers for them to play in and cool off on hot, summer days.
  3. Fort Smith Dog Park is an off-leash, exercise and socialization spot with over 40 acres of land for you and your pet to explore.

Treat Your Dog

  1. The Bark Bar is Arkansas’ first indoor/outdoor, off-leash dog play area and bar. They offer discounted memberships provide a safe space for your pet to play.
  2. Bow Wow and Meow, located in Maumelle, is a shop where you can buy baked dog treats for your canine companion. They also create specialty “pupcakes” and cookies for your dog’s birthday.

Feel the Burn (with your dog)

  1. Allsop Park has a trail that runs along a stream, with plenty of trees and wonderful scenery for you to walk or jog with your dog.
  2. Petit Jean State Park also has wonderful scenery and challenging hiking trails for you and your dog to enjoy this spring.
  3. Pinnacle Mountain State Park has many trails with varying difficulties, however the climb to the top is always worth the wonderful view,

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