Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

By Brenna Stefanov

Valentine’s Day is known as the special day to celebrate your significant other. Sometimes, however, you don’t have someone to share that day with. It’s perfectly fine to spend the day alone.  It is extremely important to love yourself and have body positivity towards yourself.  It is very easy to see other people and think about how you want to change something about yourself, but the truth is God made you individually because you’re perfect just the way you are.  Everyone has their insecurities; instead of trying to hide yours or let them affect how you view yourself, try to embrace what makes you special.

Besides taking the time to think about what makes you so great, you can also take this Valentine’s Day to have a “treat yo’self” night. Some things you could do include having a bath with that bath bomb from Lush or Ulta you’ve been saving forever, giving yourself a facial, eating chocolate or any food that you love (it is a treat yo’self night, after all), painting your nails, watching your favorite movie, or even going out with a group of your friends and making it a girls’ night.  

When it comes to face masks, I really enjoy making them from scratch. One great thing about making them yourself is that you can put whatever you want in it to help your skin specifically.  A common one I make consists of a couple of crushed Ibuprofens, raw honey, sugar and a little bit of water.  Ibuprofens help with redness and inflation; honey is a really great, natural complexion corrector for your skin; sugar exfoliates your skin; and water binds it together so it is easier to put on your face.  For another great homemade mask, get one giant aloe leaf (you can find them at Kroger), slice it, and rub 


the aloe on your skin.  Aloe is so good for your skin and its use has actually been date back 60,000 years ago in Egypt where it was called the “plant of eternity.” There are so many other ideas on the internet for easy face masks using ingredients you can probably find in your own homes.  

At the end of the day just remember that even though this is a holiday to celebrate love, that doesn’t necessarily mean celebrating your love for another person.  It can mean celebrating love for yourself.  Just remember to keep this day positive and carry its meaning into your everyday life.  Remind yourself every once in a while to have a “treat yo’self” day because you deserve it.  

Also Valentine’s chocolate goes on sale after the holiday, so you could even make this “treat yo’self” day and “treat yo’self” weekend.

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