What’s Going On in the Natural State

by Olivia Parker

Arkansas cuts off relationship with “Love Locks”

The unique trend of attaching locks to bridges or public structures as a sign of love between couples has made its way to Arkansas. The trend started in Paris, France on the Pont des Arts Bridge which became a small tourist attraction until 2015 when the weight of 700,000 locks was crumbling the gates of the bridge. Love locks have also recently been removed from Arkansas Junction Bridge railings to prevent damage to the integrity of the bridge. Similar to the Pont des Arts in France, the Junction Bridge is a pedestrian and cycling link across the Arkansas River. The Junction Bridge Board stopped the love craze before it became a heavy problem by removing the current locks and preventing any future locks from being put on the bridge. Although the love locks can no longer stand the test of time on the Junction Bridge, love in Arkansas is still thriving.

A Little Christmas Cheer in the Cafeteria

Newark Elementary is blessed to have Mr. Heath as their dedicated custodian for Christmas every year. Mr. Heath has annually decorated the school’s cafeteria for Christmas so the students can have a taste of Christmas they might not see at home. Even though Mr. Heath works in a place full of constant noise from children talking, chairs clattering, and trash bags opening, he just so happens to be deaf. Mr. Heath attended the elementary school as a child and has a deep connection to Newark.  His dedication to the children shows through his hard work and compassion for the school.

Wildfires in Arkansas

The Arkansas Agriculture Department’s Forestry Commission (AFC) suppressed 103 wildfires that burned 1,805 acres over Thanksgiving break. Current dry weather and droughts have made Arkansas vulnerable to wildfires, and has also caused many burn bans across the state. 59 of Arkansas’ counties are also now under high wildfire danger. U.S. Forest Service crews are responding to wildfires currently burning within Arkansas’s National Forests in Perry and Johnson Counties, which may create smoke throughout Central Arkansas. In November alone, 196 wildfires have burned over 3,000 acres. Arkansas is on its way to another high wildfire year since 2012 when over 34,000 acres burned This year is not far behind with over 22,000 acres already burned. Please keep the firefighters and crew members fighting the wildfires in your prayers as they continue to work through the upcoming holiday season.

Christmas Spirit in Downtown Little Rock

A new tradition begins this year as Little Rock brings in a 40 foot white fir tree to Main Street. This new addition will light up the streets for the holiday season in addition to the beautiful Capitol Christmas lights and the Capitol Hotel’s gorgeous indoor tree. The tree will be decorated with hundreds of multicolored lights to hopefully attract Arkansans to the downtown area for the holiday season. During this Christmas season don’t forget to stop by and visit the new tree.

(Source: Fox16 News)

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