Sister Act

By Josie Fitz

Sister- a word with many different connotations. When you hear the word ‘sister’ you might think of a sibling, a good friend, or your classmates. This weekend, however, sister will had a completely different meaning in Sister Act, Mount St. Mary’s fall musical. Sister Act follows the story of Deloris Van Cartier, played by senior Leah Paige, who must hide in a convent after witnessing a crime. There she forms a strong bond with the nuns and discovers who she’s truly meant to be.

So what makes this play so special? According to Ms. Jenny Moses, the show’s director, ”It’s one that the audience will connect with and enjoy, but it also will make them feel something, and that is my philosophy of theatre- that I want the audience to walk away having felt something.” Audiences are sure to connect with Sister Act because of the genuine connections between many of the characters in the show.

The connections between the cast happened offstage as well. Senior, Hailey Grillo says, “I definitely feel like I have bonded with my cast mates in Sister Act. Many I have just met this year and many this is my fourth year of working with. When practices are long and exhausting I know there’s always a supportive shoulder to lean on. This cast, as it has in past years, has become my family. We’ve laughed, cried, stressed, and bonded together over the past few months. With this being my last show I couldn’t be happier with the friends I’ve made behind the curtains. The musicals are always such a fun way to make friends that share the love of the theater with you. They’re all my sisters and brothers now, and I’m already so excited to see how the underclassmen continue to develop their craft in the next years.” This is a great story about  finding yourself, redemption, and love.

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