Politicians of the Future

by Gracie Alvarez

This year, Mount St. Mary Academy represented the nations of China, Swaziland, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Ecuador at the 52nd annual Model United Nations Conference at UCA.

model un

Model UN is a conference of high school students who represent different nations and collaborate to solve world-wide issues. At this conference, we debated the current issues plaguing the world and worked to find possible solutions for them. Some of these issues included how to combat terrorist/extremist groups, finding new sources of renewable energy, improving healthcare, and expanding access to global financial institutions.

Model UN is an incredible opportunity for all of the participants. It brings real-world issues to the attention of bright, motivated high school students who might otherwise be unaware. The issues discussed at Model UN are the issues that our class of high school students will be dealing with and trying to find resolutions for as adults. By starting to think about and striving for peace in our world now, as teenagers, we can prepare ourselves for the world ahead of us.

We are the politicians, congresswomen, activists, and leaders of the future, and Model UN is the perfect opportunity to start to experience this.

Mount St. Mary’s Model UN group did really well at this year’s conference. The delegation of Afghanistan was awarded an honorable mention for the outstanding delegation. Katie Strickland and Katie Bailey both won honorable mentions for outstanding delegates in the Special Political Committee. All of our students that participated did an incredible job and represented the strong, intelligent, and opinionated young women of Mount.

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