My Thanksgiving- A Photo Blogpost

by Brenna Stefanov

Day 1

day 1

On Monday November 20th, my mom and I got on a plane at 9 a.m. and flew all the way to Billings, Montana. I was very excited about this trip because I got to spend time with my grandparents, whom I don’t get to see as often as I’d like.  When we landed in Montana, my grandfather picked up me and my mom. We went to a cute little sandwich shop and bakery, Great Harvest Bread Co., and ate lunch.  After eating a delicious turkey pesto sandwich, we went home and started to unwind and relax.

day 2

Day 2

We got up to see it had snowed  a little bit, what grandfather called a dusting,  but it definitely made the mountains look more stunning while driving to Columbus, Montana for the day.  When we arrived at this small town, we stopped by a cute little jewelers and found my senior ring. Afterwards, we went to Uncle Sam’s Eatery, which is yet another sandwich shop, but this place has named its sandwiches after American presidents.  I had a James Madison or a BLT.  When we arrived back home we just talked and worked on a puzzle before making dinner.

day 3

Day 3

It was a chill day where we stayed home, watched movies, and finished the puzzle later that night.

day 4Day 4 

This was the first thanksgiving were I didn’t eat turkey.  Instead we had “Million Dollar Spaghetti,” a spaghetti casserole, which didn’t even have turkey in it, but was still amazing.  That night we all sat on a couch and watched Hallmark Channel movies.  


day 5

Day 5

On Black Friday we ended up at the movie theater and watched The Star, a very cute animated movie which I highly recommend.  After the movie we got home and ate a turkey dinner.  At last.

Day 6day 6

This was my last day in Billings.  We started the day by making a family cookie recipe called “Auntie Em’s.” While we baked we played Christmas music and enjoyed the company of family.  After the cookies we went to see The Nutcracker ballet, one of my favorite seasonal occasions.   Unfortunately,  after the ballet we had to go home and pack.  Ending a vacation is always hard because you never quite want to leave, but at the same time you can’t wait to get home.  It was bittersweet.  We said our goodbyes and got on the plane. We finally arrived back home Sunday the 26 at about 3 am.


 Thanksgiving break didn’t feel long enough, but sometimes it’s good to come home and get back into the regular schedule of life. I’m very thankful that I got to take the time to fly out and see my family.  Overall, Thanksgiving was a successful trip of relaxation and visiting loved ones which is what the holidays are all about to me.

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