Let The Games Begin: Friendsmas Edition

by Bella Giglio & Allie Keene

This year, almost everyone participated in Friendsgiving. However, if you missed out, and were simply too busy to take part in this friendship-filled holiday, we have some good news for you.  Friendsmas is finally here! This is a great time to celebrate and cherish the people you love. If you are worried about buying gifts, stressed about finals, short on time, or just plain broke, consider these fun gift exchange games. They are a wonderful way to save money while still giving gifts to loved ones.

Secret Santa: In Secret Santa, place the names of all those participating into a hat or box, then choose a name randomly. The name you chose is the person you will buy a gift for, but remember to keep it anonymous. When the gifts have been delivered, you may guess your Secret Santa. This is a great way to save money if you have a large group of friends, or you are on a tight budget.

Dirty Santa: In Dirty Santa, all those participating decide on a price range, then everyone buys one gift for the exchange. Once all the gifts are together, everyone decides on a player order. The first person in the order chooses a gift from the pile to unwrap. The next in line can decide if they want to choose a new gift to unwrap or steal another player’s gift. However, different renditions of this game have varied rules. For example, some people might have a rule where there are no swap backs, so if a gift is stolen from you, you cannot steal it back from that same person.  Feel free to set your own rules and put your own spin on the game. Dirty Santa is a fun game for a big party or get togeth

Left or Right: Left or Right is a game that starts out similarly to Dirty Santa. Those participating choose a price range at which to buy their gift. Then, everyone sits in a big circle holding their gift. After everyone is seated with their present, one person reads a short story or poem that frequently uses the words “right” and “left.” Whenever one of these words is read, everyone passes the gift they are holding in the corresponding direction. Once the story is over, the gift you are holding is the one you unwrap and keep. Below is an attached story you can read to play the game.


Musical Gifts: Musical Gifts is a game similar to musical chairs. Everyone gathers their gifts together in a pile, then distributes them randomly. After all those participating have a gift, everyone sits in a circle. Someone plays holiday music, starting and stopping it sporadically. When the music is playing, everyone passes around the gifts as quickly as possible. When the music stops, everyone unwraps and keeps the gift they are holding. This game can also go on however long the group would like it to.

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