Gold Star Family Memorial

By Allison Toomer

A Gold Star Family is one that has lost a loved one in military service, leaving behind a family without a father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter. There are so many families throughout our country who have lost loved ones in the line of duty, several even in our own school.  

In order to honor these families, the members of the Marine Corps League, the Co-Chairs and the Committee Members decided to hold a competition between Arkansas JROTC programs in order to raise money for the Gold Star Family Memorial. The school JROTC program that raises the most money will be given a small replica of the monument that will be built on Arkansas’ state Capitol grounds by Hershel “Woody” Williams, a Medal of Honor recipient. The Gold Star Family Memorial being built in Little Rock is one of many monuments that pay tribute to the Gold Star Family members and families of the soldiers who have sacrificed their life for our freedom.

The Catholic High School JROTC program has gotten involved in this fundraising competition for the monument against  other JROTC programs in Arkansas. They have used class competitions, pork sales, Golden Corral Donation set-ups, car washes, raffles, media coverage, bracelet sales and various donations sites to raise funding for the memorial. Catholic’s JROTC program’s current grand total is $15,539.37 – an average of $95.92 per cadet. This current grand total consists of $9,967.04 in donations, the class totals,  $5,572.33 worth of pork sold, and raffle tickets. In total all the Junior cadets have raised $1,926.00, the Senior cadets have raised $1,172.50, the Freshman cadets have raised $607.21, and the Sophomore cadets have raised $364.00. Mount’s cadets have also gotten involved in this program raising $720.74

The Gold Star Family Memorial Dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on  Veterans Day 2018.


“Although many of the monuments are being built across the United States, this monument will become the first of its kind to be erected on the grounds of a State Capital,” says Sergeant Major R.S. Jernigan. If you would like to help the Catholic High School JROTC program meet their goal of $25,000, please donate today.

All checks are made out to The Gold Star Family Memorial.

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