DIY Winter Decorating

by Emily VanEcko

The Christmas season is finally here, and if you are like me at all the Christmas season will rush by in a flash. Here are three easy DIY decorating ideas that you can do without the stress. Pictures and decorations by Pinterest.

1. Snowman door/ wall decoration

This budget-friendly decoration is definitely a “snow-stopper”!

Just take some black paper and leftover ribbon from your Christmas tree to make a unique and friendly fellow. Even if your door isn’t white, feel free to use any wall or fridge in your house. 

2.  Paper Christmas Lights

These adorable and super easy bulbs will certainly light up any Christmas season. All you need to do is shape construction paper into a light bulb and string it together.

Photo from


3. Sock Snowman

This cute little guy is an easy project, and can be made with materials you already have in the house. First, take a spare sock and fill it with rice or cotton balls. Then tie a spare cloth and add a few beads or buttons for a holly jolly buddy.

Photo from

4. Popsicle Snowflakes

These special decorations will provide festivity to any wall or room. All that you need

to do is hot glue popsicle sticks together in any shape you choose. Then you can paint them and stick them up on the wall.

Photo from

5. Flameless Fire Pit

This radical decoration will create a cozy mood in any room, and is sure to spark a conversation. Click here for step-by-step directions on making your own!

Photo from


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