Behind the Balance

By Brenna Stefanov, junior writer

My favorite snack consists of Laughing Cow cheese and Hot Cheetos.
One cheese wedge equals one small bowl of hot Cheetos perfectly and creates the perfect combination of flavors.  

One very, very, late night in July, I was sick and feeling down. So of course, I decided to indulge in my favorite snack.  As I went to get the cheese I noticed there were none left, but found that I still had one-third of a bag of Cheetos.  Now, my mother knows that I hold claim to this certain kind of cheese and it is only to go with the hot Cheetos: that left only one other person who could have disrupted the balance… my sister, Mariah.  I stormed up to my mom’s room and proceeded to rant about how Mariah was a traitor, and had ruined my life. Without the cheese, I didn’t know how many cheetos I needed.  This went on for a good 30 minutes.  

Mariah had ruined the perfect balance which I had created.

There is balance behind everything and everyone.  However, more often than not we find that this balance is constantly getting disrupted. This example of balance, using my favorite snack, was just a small one in the grand scheme of things.  There are larger, more existential examples: when someone dies, we know that, somewhere in the world, there’s also a baby being born.  There’s also a balance in day-to-day things, like doing your homework. Freshmen year I would put homework off until the very last second; I learned that it was so much more stressful in the long run, though, than when I would do my homework in a timely fashion (instead of just watching Netflix like I wanted to).

It’s important to find balance in your daily life. Without it, you’d find yourself in a state of chaos. Though that’s how you may feel sometimes, it doesn’t mean balance is gone.  So remember: if you’re going through a really hard time, balance will always find you and reward you.  Balance comes to everyone at different times, so don’t fret – it will find you one day.  And just so you know, my mom went out the next morning and got two packages of Laughing Cow Cheese: one for me and one for my sister.


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