Amalie: New York, New York

By Olivia Parker, senior writer

This past summer Amalie Shollmier, class of 19’, caught a plane to the Big Apple. She took part in one of the lesser known trips at Mount, Ms. Moses’ annual trip to New York City, along with three other Mount girls and two Catholic High students. Over the course of five days, Amalie remembers eating a considerable amount of cart hot dogs, exploring Time Square, wandering through Central Park, braving the New York subway, and making memories to last a lifetime.

In order for Amalie and her friends to make it through each day, there were almost hourly stops at Starbucks to keep their energy up from all the walking. Besides coffee and hot dogs to keep her going, Amalie claims one meal from a spur of the moment Mexican restaurant “had the best chicken quesadillas of my life, I wanted to cry.”  She also learned how to walk in New York, by developing a city slicker pace and keeping eye contact to a minimum.  Although she was a pro New Yorker by day three, Amalie still got lost  in Queens; however, she safely made her way back to the group a few minutes later. The Mount group was also a frequent user of the subway to reach different parts of the city. According to Amalie “it smelled like straight foot, a sweaty gym foot, but it was a good way of transportation.”


The smell wasn’t the only thing they encountered in the subway.  Amalie spotted Tony from the hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, “I didn’t say anything because I got nervous” was her excuse for missing the autograph and photo opportunity, but we will forgive her. In addition to this celebrity sighting, there were many Broadway stars seen up-close on either the stage or the streets. In one incident, Ms. Moses bumped the lead actor in Miss Saigon with a revolving door as the rest of the group stood by laughing. Their experiences with actors were much more extraordinary when the group got to see them on stage in one of the five musicals and plays they saw each night. When they saw her favorite musical, Waitress starring Sara Bareilles, Amalie says,

“I cried like three times and I don’t cry”, but “being in the presence of Corey Cott , from Bandstand, changed my life.”

When asked what was your most interesting memory she immediately said “Baguette Lady”. To make a long story short, Baguette Lady was a nickname given to a stranger the group saw on the side of the road during a tour who “pulls out a folded Panera baguette out of her black tote, danced around with it for a solid thirty seconds, folded it back, put it in her bag and walked away.” This moment would inspire inside jokes and laughs to last the whole trip.

Overall, Amalie claims New York lives up to most of the stereotypes. The city “literally never sleeps” and includes many walks of life.  This trip is 100% recommended by Amalie for upperclassmen who love theater and are looking for a personalized trip with a close-knit group. From the towering skyscrapers, to Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty, New York is a trip worth taking.

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