A Letter to the Editors

Dear Gracie and Kelly,

I am writing to thank you!  The Welcome-Back Day 2017 edition of The Mount was phenomenal.

It was a wonderful way to welcome back the students and to introduce our community to the Freshmen and the new students.  Plus, it had a lot of good tips.

The introduction to the new staff was interesting.  The headline quotes drew the reader in and it is always fun to know personal things about the faculty and staff.

Another reason for my appreciation is that it is in paper version. I am the Archivist which means I keep EVERYTHING we do at MSM.   So, when you come back for your reunions; the scrapbooks, yearbooks and newspapers will be there for you to reminisce.  

Over the last couple of years, I have tried to print the online edition and it is not satisfactory, as it is not in newspaper form. It doesn’t flow.  The MSM newspaper has been bound from 1931 and MSM also owns yearbooks from 1926.  That’s pretty cool stuff!  Computers are wonderful, but sometimes things need to be printed so that they can be kept for historical purposes.

Another thing,  the articles were relevant.  This is not always done.  I read this edition from cover to cover.

I was the newspaper sponsor in the past for many years.  The students used to sell ads to help with the cost.  I don’t know if that is an option, but we taught it as part of the process of learning the newspaper business.  I know you go to workshops and get new ideas.  Maybe this is not done anymore at the high school level.

I have been at MSM for 27 years and I do not remember ever having a paper printed BEFORE school starts to WELCOME US BACK.   The color pictures were fantastic and really added to the paper.



I look forward to your next edition.

Ms. Alice Jones

Elevating Expectations

Alice Worley Jones ’73

Mount St. Mary Academy


3224 Kavanaugh Blvd.

Little Rock, AR   72205


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