Concert Belles-Bringing Home the Gold!

by: Olivia Parker

          The Mount St. Mary Concert Belles have recently had a big success at their recent state competition. The Concert Belles competed at the State Festival in Searcy after receiving superior scores at the previous regional competition. Choirs from the region, 6A, come together to receive a “rating” on the three songs of their choice, taking into account their technique, style, and performance. The ratings range from 5 (the worst) to 1 (the best). The Concert Belles blew it out of the water and earned number one ratings on all three songs despite being the last choir to compete. Mrs. Daughtey has continued to lead the Concert Belles to success for the past three years she has been at Mount.

          If you were to walk into the choir room, you would see a wall full of past plaques from previous decades of State Festivals dating all the way back to the 70’s. Every single plaque in her room has a superior rating to showcase Mount’s past and present “tradition of excellence”. Mrs. Daughtey constantly challenges the Concert Belles with difficult songs that, in return, constantly improve the MSM choir.  These difficult songs payed off at competition, giving the Concert Belles not one but two Best in Class Awards in addition to their superior ratings. The Concert Belles received Best Medium Female Choir and Best Medium Choir.

          These awards are very prestigious awards in the choir world and causes the Concert Belles to celebrate and to be all smiles for the weeks. Keep an eye on the Concert Belles as they continue to practice for upcoming events including the Mercy and Me Luncheon, Arts Night on May 4th (which will include solos from underclassmen in Concert Belles) and their annual Spring Concert on May 15th.

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