National Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

By Meredith Taylor

For those of you who are not aware, October is Bullying Prevention Month. Throughout the month, numerous schools and communities come together to raise awareness about bullying. Despite October’s incredible weather and colorful leaves, it can be a difficult month for people experiencing bullying. It changes who they are and their self-worth. They have a tendency to cling onto what they love, or they let their passions and joys fade in fear of condemnation.  

National Bullying Prevention Month means a lot to me because my cousin has experienced bullying. Because he was labeled as “different,” people looked down upon him.  He decided he did not care what other people thought about him. He always stayed true to himself, even when it was difficult. Eventually, the bullying reached a point where his grades dropped, and he had no self-worth. However, I am happy to say that this year has been one of his happiest. He smiles more and his grades have dramatically improved. I am not to sure what turned his life around, but I have learned that if my cousin can overcome bullying, you can too.

Always remember that even if you are not a “bully,” making a judgmental or cruel comment can influence a person’s self-esteem. Treat everyone with love and kindness. Accept people as they are, not as who you want them to be.

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