Letter from the Editors

Letter From the Editor

by Kelly Hammond and Gracie Alvarez

The Mount newspaper has always been a place for students to express their ideas, thoughts, views, and opinions. This past summer, we’ve been working exceptionally hard to improve The Mount and help it to reach it’s full potential as a paper. In addition to working on the paper, we’ve been working on bettering ourselves as a staff and training our new writers to be the best they can be for the upcoming year.
This summer, five members of our staff attended the Gloria Shields Workshop in Dallas and attended a variety of classes including Feature Writing, Online Publishing, Editorial Leadership, and Newspaper Boot Camp. We learned a lot and came up with a lot of big ideas for this year. We also hosted a Newspaper Boot Camp of our own this summer and grew even more as a staff (if that’s even possible). We did a lot of get-to-know-each other exercises, practiced our photography, fine-tuned our interview skills, and heard a guest speaker from the Arkansas Catholic.
All that aside, the big idea of this issue is that you should expect big things from The Mount this year. We’ve been working really hard all summer and are planning to hit the ground running. We’ve got a lot in-the-works and hope we can make this year the best one yet.

Best wishes and more to come,
Kelly Hammond ’18 & Gracie Alvarez ’18

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