Lending a Helping Hand

By Kelly Hammond

Throughout our four years at Mount, the value of “service” is strongly instilled into us.  As we become upperclassmen and finally get to venture out into the community through the Junior Service Learning Program, we have experiences that are life-changing.  While many things that we do here at Mount give back to the community, there are those who have gone above and beyond to better understand the meaning of giving back.  One of the students who not only participates in the service opportunities at school, but also spends her free time volunteering, is junior Breanna Racher.  I sat down to talk to her about a few of the things she has experienced through her time volunteering and the people she has met.

“I was working at Helping Hand and one of the ladies that worked there told me about a time when someone came into their thrift shop, and they weren’t wearing any shoes.  They didn’t have enough money to buy shoes from the thrift shop.  So, the woman that worked there just took her shoes off and gave it to her, and she went home barefoot.  She knew that she would be able to buy a new pair of shoes, but that woman wouldn’t be able to get a new pair of shoes for who knows how long.”

“At Salvation Army we hand out food a lot, but we never really have enough time to interact with them.  I’ve met a couple of younger boys, and I’ve talked to them a little bit.  They always get really excited when we bring them desserts and stuff because they’re little kids and they enjoy desserts.  I haven’t really been able to make any personal friends.  I think my favorite place to go is probably Helping Hand because the two main women that work there are just so nice, and they give so much to our community and people that need help.  Being around them really makes you feel like you want to give, and it’s a really good environment.”

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