Fridays Were Made for Fun

By Vivian Boe

Most of the time, Friday simply means the weekend has finally arrived and homework does not have to be done until Sunday afternoon. However, Friday, August 26 had a lot more in store for Mount girls.

A long-standing tradition at Mount is the Opening Pep Rally in which each grade adopts a theme and the coaches introduce the fall sports teams. This year, the class of 2020 introduced themselves as the “Father Fred Freshman.” What’s not to love about more than 100 replicas of our beloved priest and physics teacher? The sophomores rolled right out of bed to become the “Sleepy Sophomores.” Rest assured, these sleepyheads were as far from nap time as can be and cheered loudly for their grade. The junior class was a vision of red, white, and blue as they declared themselves the “July Fourth Juniors.” Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump even took time out of their busy campaign schedules to rally with the juniors. Finally, as the last high school class to be born in the 90’s, the seniors resurrected the iconic decade to become the “There Goes the 90’s Seniors.” The Class of 2017 kicked off the pep rally with a dance to 90’s hits such as “It’s Tricky,” “Wannabe”, and the “Friends” theme song. The enthusiasm from each grade was palpable, but the seniors hailed victorious and took home the coveted spirit stick.

The pep rally fun continued with the passing of the title of “Toe-Touch Champ” from Mr. Glancy to Mr. Carden. Mr. Carden’s debut toe-touch was definitely worthy of its title. Students and teachers enjoyed performances from the Freshman and Varsity Cheer squads, as well as the Rockettes. To get the student body in the mood to groove, a dance-off was held with a tribute from each grade. We were also reminded that “Mount on Kavanaugh” is the “best school in Arkansas” by learning a new cheer. The pep rally concluded with a new version of the alma mater, arranged by Lilah Brown ‘17. Whether rapped or sung slightly off-key, the Alma Mater reminds us who always has our loy-al-ty.

Later that night, Mount girls returned to the gym for the renowned GLO dance. We donned our face paint and gold hammer pants to dance the night away. Mount girls and Catholic boys must have some fire dance moves because the temperature continued to rise as the night went on. If Friday was any indication, the 2016-2017 school year is going to be a blast!

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